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Our mission is clear: We Empower You To Do What You Do Better and Give You Your Time Back.

Most business people can't stand dealing with computer problems and decisions about them and becoming the de-facto resident computer person. Many even legit hate dealing with computers. But all companies rely on computers to run their business. This presents a dilemma: you must have your computers running all the time. So do you hire for full time staff, our outsource?

Outsourcing, you will find is more cost effective. And the proverbial monkey is off your back. And furthermore you acquire an entire IT Department.

When engaged with an out sourced IT service team, no one wants to have a "D" player trying to fix their computer or cybersecurity problem, so we created a process to eliminate this headache for you. You will remain in the driver seat for decisions, and we handle the day to day needs and knowledge transfer at every step for you to make informed decisions about your investment in technology to run your business. We inform you every step of the way and we are be accountable for your IT operations.


The first step in you getting to know RWK as a fit for your organization starts with a process of getting to know your business and your technology to see if we are a fit for each other. And this is not some trivial process of counting computers and giving you three prices. This is us getting to know your business, identifying if your current solution has been appropriate. In this process we also assess your security risk profile. Equally, you will get to know what makes us tick as it relates to keeping you operating flawlessly with guaranteed access to your data in a safe secure fashion.


When we take you on as a customer, you will be wowed by the transition process. Our attention to detail, and what we learn about each other is thorough. We go deep, and set a solid foundation for service and technology management.


Day to day, hour to hour, you will get a professional service team who really gives a hoot about you. And they won't talk down to you. It's built into our culture.


You won't ever say this again when you engage with RWK IT Services. We become an extension of your C-Level team. You won't have any surprises like a service that just stopped because of a missed renewal. You will have an asset list, immediately and always, that you can leverage for budgetary planning. Plan on us bringing you knowledge about your technology that you haven't known before. Our customers tell us: 'you care. You take time to know our business. You give me time back, and peace of mind.'


Oh nay, nay. You will never ask such a question of your IT team again when we work together. We will inspect, determine, inform, educate, and help you with all you need to know about your cybersecurity. And we will make your company safe and resilient to security threats.


...That is managing your I.T. That is empowering you to do what you do better and giving you back time to do what you do best.


How We Got Here

Beginning in 1998, RWK IT Services was born from my love for making my co-workers happy by solving problems for them, and my insatiable thirst for knowledge. I can't turn this thing off. And I've surrounded myself with like-thinkers.

Working as an independent contractor for Fortune 500 companies in Chicagoland, I saw waste and complacency in professional IT services. Guys, sometimes it was really bad. I sat alongside people who were a warm body placed in a seat by their employer, who either weren't the right fit, or didn't care about the very people they were paid to improve and protect. Leading up to the infamous "Y2K" event, there was a lot of energy and anxiousness in IT. It exposed to me a reality that exists in many businesses: there can be waste under the covers. I aimed to fill this gap and RWK and our philosophy is an outcome of those experiences.

I have made it my personal mission to assemble a team of people who truly give a hoot, and are skilled. You will not be disappointed working with us.


Are we right for you?

  • When We Manage All of your IT. We are fast with response, sure. We are competent, sure. Every one of our competitor colleagues can rise to this, but simply do not. But you want all of your I.T. managed, right? With nothing left to chance? No D players? No forgetting about you for months and even years without any advise or planning? No executive level critical thinking applied to make your business in helping you invest in your technology wisely every step of the way and save money in the process? Well, all of these things are part of our fully managed IT service along with Help Desk and Projects, and providing equipment so you have one single source of accountability.
    Accountability in managing all of your IT, that is our job. We give you peace of mind and time to get back to doing what you do best. We take time to earn this through our service delivery and communication style and dedication to you.
  • When We Co-Manage Your IT. Where it makes sense for your company to have a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technical Officer) or similar staff member, who knows your business in-depth and you need her or him to maintain leadership in strategic planning and management for your business, we understand. And we have many customers like you. This makes good business sense for certain companies. However, to co-manage IT between this person while having strategic IT service roles outsourced to us also makes sense. Help desk, cloud systems management, cybersecurity, security compliance and more are the strategic roles we co-manage for and with you.
    Accountability in our co-managed portion of your IT, that is our job.
  • When We Managed Your Cybersecurity. If you have IT service in-house or are happy with your team, but need that high level IT security expertise, we've got you. Our security practice can give you the proper security tools to meet your needs all the way to our vCSO (virtual Chief Security Officer), especially suited to you who need to remain compliant. Our process for choosing the proper security tools is driven by formalized risk-based needs analysis. If you are our fully managed IT customer, or if you have your IT managed by your own team or another group, we will be your guide to the proper cyber security protection process, tools, and strategic planning.
    Accountability for managed security, that is our job.


I personally guarantee that we will properly and thoughtfully match our services to your needs. You will not have to experience the dirty little secrets of this business:  We will never pull the wool over your eyes and nickel-and-dime you, or talk down to any of your team.

See for yourself if ours is that rock-star service team that you have been looking for. Call me at (312) 550-3883. I and my carefully selected team are ready to serve you.

-Jeff Reiter, CEO

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What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive And Fairly Priced IT Services Firm

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very best services and solutions to protect your organization while enabling you to be more productive, efficient and profitable. We take pride in delivering services that exceed your expectations, are extremely responsive, and are built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

21 Questions

    What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive And Fairly Priced IT Services Firm

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