Every business is a target for cyber criminals.

Do you know the overwhelming way they get in to your company? By email.
Do you know what to cyber criminals want? Just one thing: to steal your money.

Struggling with cyber threats can distract every business from accomplishing their goals. We provide a new approach to your protection to keep access to your money secure, for you to meet the needs of your cyber insurance, and for your company to remain compliant in your industry.

Our solution follows this approach:

  1. Identify your risk with vulnerability analyses
  2. Perform penetration testing (Pen Test)
  3. Help you select the cyber prevention to put in place for your company
  4. Bring security operations practices to you


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Invest 35 minutes for a business discovery, and engage with a Pen Test on a sampling of your computers. We compile all the data and analyze the results. Meet with us for one hour investment, to transfer knowledge to you about your security.

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"Emphasis on Security

RWK provides a variety of services aimed at keeping your business technology and systems safe from online attack.

It was obvious to our own IT personnel that RWK’s crew was knowledgeable in every aspect of the transition and security. The technicians were incomparable. Since the new system has been in place, there have been indications of hacking efforts as well as attempted virus incursions. Our systems have remained secure while others have suffered serious data breaches. RWK has always responded immediately to any threats or rumored threats. If we were to go back and upgrade our systems all over again, RWK would be our only choice.

Chief Scott Koerner
Village of Monee

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Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) Service

Protect your digital landscape with our Virtual Chief Security Officer service, where we blend cutting-edge cybersecurity expertise with strategic oversight. As your dedicated vCSO, we navigate the complex world of online threats for you, ensuring your business remains secure and compliant. Partner with us to fortify your defenses, so you can confidently focus on growing your business without the worry of cyber risks.

Security Technology Tools

To protect your company, and meet the needs your cyber insurance policy and compliance obligations, we are your partner to address Privacy, Computer & Network Security, Testing, Business Continuity, and E-Crime preparedness.

Dark Web Business Identity Monitoring

Daily disclosure if your email has been bought or sold on the Dark web.

Keep Systems Up to Date

Regular patches and other security measures to keep your technology up to date and protected. The Equifax breach of 2017 was due to one system that went un-patched.

Continual Scans

Regular penetration and vulnerability testing, with evaluation and action plans.

Detection and Response

Endpoint detection as well as Microsoft 365 detection and response backed by a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) as well as automatic remediation technologies.

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