Isn’t it funny how we all can relate to the phrase “I have a guy”? It can trigger an endorphin rush similar to when someone gives you a stock tip, or the perfect lottery number combination, or that perfect horse to place a bet on. All the while we know: there is no free lunch, no get-rich trick, and no perfect “IT Guy”. They just don’t exist.

At RWK IT Services we know that you want to be an organization with more profit, more surplus, and fewer problems in your workplace stemming from technology.

In order to do that, you need an IT support team that answers the phone fast, acts quickly, and makes your IT problems go away and protects you.

The problem is not every IT service company, and especially a single “IT guy”, cannot do this. Often, as IT service firms grow, they cannot scale and provide the proper service levels that you demand, which makes you feel forgotten, ignored, left behind, and vulnerable. We believe having your back and taking ownership of your IT for you, through a managed-service model, is the only way to get this done right.

We understand how frustrating it is when you have worked with a service firm who was once great, but can no longer deliver, or is no longer aligned with your needs. This is why we have mastered Managed IT Service Delivery.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Assess

We thoroughly assess your use of technology from both a business perspective and technical perspective.

2. Create a Plan

We put a custom plan in place for service, repair, and security at a fixed monthly price – for your specific needs.

3. Relax

You get 12-minute response, 24x7x365 help, and a Team who addresses your needs, growth, and IT challenges every single day.


So, SCHEDULE a first appointment and learn how we will do this for you by calling (312) 550-3883 and asking for Ashley. And in the meantime, have us check your IT security health by requesting a business-identity security-check. It takes less than 5 minutes to do this.

You can then stop:
  • Feeling forgotten and left behind
  • Living with bad service and malfunctioning equipment
  • Dealing with wild swings in technology spending, which are un-manageable
  • Being treated like a second-class customer
And instead you will get:
  • The service you deserve
  • Safety and protection from cyber threats
  • The confidence that that your information is always accessible, safe, and recoverable
  • Empowered to Do What You Do, Better