You have likely heard the news reports of major security breaches and cyberhacking incidents affecting major corporations like Target, Equifax, and Yahoo. You may have even been personally affected by one of these security breaches. Cyberhacking, or breaking into computer systems to get information, is quite common in today’s digital age. However, if your company is not trying actively to prevent major hacking incidents, it could only be a matter of years before you end up in news reports.

The Prevalence of Cyberhacking

Nowadays, personal and company information is stored predominantly online. While this is certainly convenient in most ways, it also makes information vulnerable to cyberhackers. Unfortunately, cyberhacking is much more common than you may think. More than 50% of Millennials, arguably the most tech-savvy generation so far, have experienced some type of cybercrime in the past year.

How It Can Affect Your Business

Cyberhacking leaves your company information vulnerable to outside sources, as well as your customer information. Thanks to the deluge of cyber attacks on other major businesses, customers are already leary of handing over information to any company, which means your business relationship begins with some level of mistrust. It’s hard to argue with that lack of trust, especially when a recent survey searched more than 6 billion files to find that at least 1 in every 5 files were not secure at all and open for global access.

Cyber attacks are expensive. CPO Magazine reports that there will be an estimated $6 trillion in damages done by cyberhacking by the year 2021. Even more disturbing is that most cyberhacking attempts target small to medium-sized businesses when the cost of information recovery alone can be exponential.

Protecting Your Company and Customers

The internet can be a scary place, and you may not have any idea how to protect your business information or the information of your customers. Fortunately, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of computer security to keep your business safe. Instead, you can work with a Managed IT Services provider who has the experience to keep your records locked down tight.

The team at RWK IT Services works with a variety of clients in a variety of industries. We apply our knowledge of trending cyberhacking schemes, and our expertise in preventing attacks from happening in the first place, to give you (and your customers) the peace of mind that your business is protected. 

Keep your business safe from online threats and build trust with your customers by choosing to work with RWK. We would love to hear more about your business, your worries, and your goals so that we can develop a protection plan designed especially for you. Call us today to get started.