Network security and data breaches are a real concern for business owners, no matter the size of the company. Major corporations have been compromised in the past decade, including Target and Equifax. Smaller corporations are targeted and compromised on a startlingly regular basis as well. Most security and data breaches are to get one thing: personal data and information from customers or clients.

Recently, a major data breach happened locally. Methodist Hospitals, a system that includes campuses in Gary and Merrillville, Indiana discovered their systems had been breached. Personal information from patients could have been compromised, which means the healthcare system is now in damage control mode. Representatives from Methodist Hospitals are contacting patients to talk more about the breach and give advice about how to protect themselves from fraudulent activities that could occur now that their personal information has been compromised.

How Security and Data Breaches Happen

Businesses and other organizations are under attack more than you may expect. However, personal information is a hot commodity and can make money on the dark web. Experienced and rookie hackers use a variety of methods to gain access to company systems, including email phishing scams, which is how Methodist Hospitals were compromised. While strong email filters can clear out most phishing attacks, hackers are always working to gain access by using different methods. Unfortunately, most IT professionals and business owners cannot stay ahead of the hackers, making security a difficult job.

Call the Professionals

Responsible business owners know that a data breach can create feelings of mistrust from clients and even cause lost business. Financially savvy business owners realize the damage control after a breach is much more expensive than the prevention of a breach altogether. Choose to protect your business reputation and your clients by working with the experienced professionals at RWK IT Services. Our Managed IT and other services prevent data breaches by staying ahead of the trends in hacking and fortifying your current system with the protection it needs to keep your customer information safe.

Let’s talk more about what your business needs to avoid a security or data breach situation. Call our team today.