Password Safety and Other Cybersecurity Measures for Your Business

As a leader or executive in your business, it is your job to prepare for the worst-case scenario and then take steps to prevent it. Most businesses rarely consider the real threat that cyberhacking poses to their company, clients, and employees. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor practices that make the company even more vulnerable to attacks.

It is never too late to begin implementing cybersecurity measures throughout your business. Here are just a few ways you can work with a Managed IT Service Provider to make your company safer online.

Start with Passwords

So much of your business is already protected by passwords. For example, employees need passwords to log on to their computers or other work-issued devices. Team members need additional passwords to get into software or email. Depending on your business, your clients or customers may also have passwords that allow them to access their accounts.

While passwords are certainly helpful, they are only one step to protecting your business and other information online. Unfortunately, many people tend to use weak passwords or even reuse passwords over and over. You can prevent this by encouraging clients and staff to only use strong passwords and to utilize two-step verification whenever possible.

Boost Your Training

Many business executives assume their employees are well-versed in online safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your company does not include cybersecurity training as a part of orientation for new hires, as well as ongoing training throughout the year, start building your curriculum now. You can work with your Managed IT Services Provider to write policies, procedures, and training that will empower your team.

Create a Firewall

The Federal Communications Commission recommends that businesses create a firewall to protect your private network. You can work with your Managed IT Services Provider to make this happen and to assure your employees who work remotely are also protected by this measure.

Create a Back Up Plan

You should regularly back up your business data. Assure your company has a policy in place for this that includes how often back up should occur, what files should be backed up, and where the data is then stored.

The team at RWK IT Services is ready to assist you with your cybersecurity plans and maintenance. We love getting to know our clients and developing a plan for their specific business, assuring your data and network are secure.

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